Home Culinary Delight Personal Chef Service offers the following services Meal Service  I can prepare delicious and nutritious meals in your home for about what it costs to eat out. Home made meals prepared just the way you like it     read more... Dinner Parties / Interactive Dinner Parties The choice is yours. A dinner party (maximum of six) can be just that, I prepare, cook, serve and clean up or you and your guests can be apart of the processes by assisting me in the preparation and cooking of the meal and don’t worry, I’ll still clean up     read more...       Cooking / Baking Classes  Interested in learning how to cook or bake. Want to brush up on the latest techniques. I can customize group or private one on one sessions based on your level of expertise     read more...  Is your child the next Food Network Star. I can customize group or private one on one sessions based on age and interests     read more...  Host A Cooking Party Have you ever wanted to host a cooking party, well now you can. Invite up to ten friends and I’ll take you  through an evening of culinary adventure. From the appetizer right through to dessert you and your guests can participate through the entire process. At the end of the evening you and your guest will receive the recipes for the evening so you can try them at home     read more... Bakery Homemade with the freshest ingredients. No colors, preservatives or additives     read more... Mind Body Nutrition  Food does not have to be just another four letter word As a Certified Food Psychology coach  I can help you achieve your Lifestyle, Weight Management and Nutrition Goals     read more...  Dinner Parties Contact Links Bakery  Chef Ian  Meal Service Home Cooking / Baking Classes C ulinary  D elight P ersonal  C hef  S ervice  Website Created and Maintained By MultiMediaIHS - Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policy C ulinary  D elight 613-863-6325 / Email chef@culinarydelight.ca Personal Chef Service Up Ian Harris RNT, NNCP, Dip.NC, CWC, CFPC, CPFC, PPC